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INTEGRITY Partners are an exclusive group that have passed the INTEGRITY standards of self-reliance, high quality and willpower.

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In the present time information security is exponentially gaining importance. Security has definitively crossed the frontiers of technological silos and is increasingly a subject found on management agendas, focusing on processes and people.

There is urgent need to support these practices by using effective tools that help organisations manage their Information security practices sustainably by effectively reducing risk.

There is concern that if organisations are not armed with agile, versatile tools that optimise the management of information security, they will only work for compliance rather than security itself.

To answer this, and based on their extensive experience, INTEGRITY has developed crucial modules for effective Information security management.

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Why become an INTEGRITY Partner?

Our partners specialize in offering Information security consulting and auditing services, and they value the differentiation, quality, and effectiveness resulting from the services they provide their clients.

The use of our embedded tools in their consulting and auditing services allows them to effectively differentiate themselves and deliver services in a more sustained and robust manner.

This brings advantages to clients while ensuring a continued relationship in the post-project phase, resulting in continued revenue for organisations.

Become an INTEGRITY Partner

Partner Program Benefits

  • Obtain access to world class Security Management Tools
  • Differentiate your security services
  • Develop a New Class of Services embedded with these tools
  • Obtain support from your team
  • Deliver services in a much more effective and efficient way
  • Guarantee Client Revenue after project implementation
  • Gain Visibility on our products webpage as a Partner
  • Obtain leads for your region based on our global leads
  • Guarantee Continued Revenue Based
  • Obtain Access to an exclusive training program
  • Transform your Business Model

Frequently asked questions

INTEGRITY is an ISO 27001 certified company specialized in information security and innovation. Due to the experience gained over a range of projects, it has developed security management support tools that make company projects more effective and more efficient.
Why is INTEGRITY partnering some of his operations?
The products developed by INTEGRITY were designed to support accompanying services (consulting and auditing). These services require client proximity and market knowledge. Our partners specialize in offering information security consulting services, and they value the differentiation, quality and effectiveness resulting from the services they provide their clients. The use of our embedded tools in their consulting and auditing services allow them to effectively differentiate themselves and deliver services in a more sustained and robust manner.
What products are eligible for a partnership agreement?
The rapid paradigm shift in Information Security has forced organisations to adopt processes to safeguard their information security and risk management. Due to the short time available to implement these processes, many organisations have adopted rudimentary tools, not suitable for purpose, and which do not effectively obtain appropriate results without considerable additional effort. Our exclusively developed security management support tools aim to respond to present challenges by providing an appropriate basis for the clear management of information security in organisations, rather than the inefficient use of rudimentary tools.

The products included are the following:

– ACM – Assessment Compliance Manager allows organisations to easily gather information from multiple peers and to keep a close eye on the maturity and risk levels of your organisation.
For more information, click here.

– IMS – The typical operation and management of an IMS - Information Management System - can be very challenging attending to the different natures of activities that need to be carried out. Our IMS Module was specifically designed to support your information security management strategy, compliance and operations.
For more information, click here.

What support does INTEGRITY provide to its Partners?
A partnership is a way of doing business in which each one of the parties is involved in making the business grow and, thus, supports the activities that makes it happen. From our part, INTEGRITY is giving access to the following tools:

- References on our website;
- Provide information on leads within the relevant markets;
- Help-Desk access for partners as well as for final clients;
- Service Level commitment, as stated in the signed agreement;
- Marketing material, namely product brochures and videos;
- Webinars;
- Technical training.
What training is required to become an effective partner?
INTEGRITY understands that a full knowledge of his platforms is a basic requirement to be able to successfully implement them. So, we provide online “hands-on” courses covering the platforms and, on request, we can also provide more in-depth courses.

Our Partners

Our partners deliver solutions powered by INTEGRITY. Together we bring cybersecurity to new and different markets.
cybertech logo

Cybertech has been protecting companies’ cross-industry for more than 10 years, with over 300 highly skilled cybersecurity specialists. We have the power and the holistic IT vision needed to ensure a secure digital transformation journey.

Partner location
Italy; Spain; Switzerland; Germany; Sweden; Norway; Serbia; Turkey
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better-consultants logo

Better Consultants provides consulting and information systems management services for organisations who strive for success, efficiency and high-performance.

Partner location
Discover our partner
unlimit logo

Unlimit stands out for its ability to pragmatically offer services geared towards achieving efficiency and effectiveness gains in Governance and IT Management.

Partner location
Discover our partner
critical security logo

RiskMG is specialized in Information Security Consulting. Its purpose is to ensure that the data are based on Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability principles and are in compliance with Data Protection Regulations and Laws.

Partner location
Discover our partner
twelvesec logo

TwelveSec provides quality information security services worldwide, specialising in information security assurance, security management, and InfoSec training services.

Partner location
Discover our partner
bidaidea logo

Bidaidea is a global, independent and multinational firm created to offer the best end-to-end integral security to public and private organisations, gathering the best experts to reach client’s trust.

Partner location
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bristol logo

The services portfolio range from consultancy, conceptual planning and design, implementation and integration of software/hardware solutions to training and support. Over the last three decades, BRISTOL GROUP has held the role as an innovative market leader in Germany.

Partner location
Germany; Austria; Switzerland
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integrity logo

Integrity Consulting & Risk Management is an Israeli leading Cyber Security & Privacy Consulting Firm and provides services globally. Integrity Consulting’s goal is to become an essential resource in the client’s decision-making process.

Partner location
Israel; Japan; Italy; Spain; Cyprus; Georgia
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smartconsult logo is a global partner for end-to-end cybersecurity, threat intelligence, advanced social network analysis solutions and high-level training, provided by a multidisciplinary team with over 40 years of experience across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Partner location
Portugal; Spain; Angola; Mozambique; Israel
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infospace logo

InfoSpace is a UAE based company, specialized in Information Technology & Cyber Security domains that aim to provide the best value to clients by providing customized services and solutions, and aligning services with organisations business objectives and strategies.

Partner location
UAE; Saudi Arabia; Qatar; Oman, Bahrain; Kuwait; Pakistan
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asseco logo

Asseco is a leading multinational in the ICT sector, focused on providing optimization solutions in corporate processes with a high level of quality in technology and service. The Asseco group is ranked in the top 10 software vendors in Europe.

Partner location
Central Europe; Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Israel
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